HOD's Message

India has been pioneering the whole world due to its rich cultural, ethical, social, moral values for centuries. But now people of India feel that the whole country is facing tough time as the values are declining very rapidly in social life. The people and authorities responsible for ensuring the value system have deviated to some extent from their responsibility. Now the responsibility is shifting to the youth of India. They young technocrats, mangers, doctors, professionals and others have got an important responsibility to shoulder to practice and help others practice moral values in social life. Developing sophisticated software, robot, management systems, etc. is essential for self growth as well as growth of nations. But building character of countrymen is equally important to uphold this development. I hope our youth will prove that it is responsible to shoulder new responsibilities. We, at the department, develop potential future managers and engineers with strong human values so that they are productive in all respects for themselves, their families, society and nation.

Dr. Rajeev Shukla

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